Common Questions & Answers about Beulah UMC

kidsHow do I get to Beulah?
Beulah United Methodist Church is located at 6930 Hopkins Road, Richmond, VA 23234. Directions and Map are here.


What time should I arrive?
Sunday services begin at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. and Sunday School for all ages is available at 9:45 a.m.. We suggest that you plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow for parking and finding your way around. Members of our Greeter Team are here to guide you in finding the sanctuary, a pastoral staff member, a Sunday School class, restrooms, and other needs (like freshly made Egg and Sausage sandwiches at the Breakfast Café at 9:30!)


Once I arrive, where do I go? 

We’re glad you’re here! Come into the parking lot, and park in reserved spaces just for you. As you leave your car, walk to the breezeway between the Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary. If coming to Worship, swing to the right at the breezeway and come on in! If coming to Sunday School, enter the double doors on the left for youth, young adult, and adult Sunday School classes. Or turn to the right, and enter the Sanctuary/ Education Wing for children’s Sunday School and men-only or women-only SS.



So many doors, which one do I pick?

With a church our size, we’ve got a lot of doors. If you are coming to Sunday classes for adults and youth, come to the Fellowship Hall. During the week, come to the sanctuary building and ring the bell. Someone will be willing to help, Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm, and Friday 9am-1pm.



How and when may I pray with a pastor?

During worship, prayer is welcomed with the pastors during the closing hymn at the railing up front. Just motion and one of them will pray with you. If you desire prayer during the week, email don@beulahumc.org or marti@beulahumc.org or call 804-275-2325 for prayer.



What is with those maroon pew pads?

They are our way of seeing who’s visited during worship. If you are a first time visitor there is a Welcome Card for you to fill out, and we’ll be sure to visit you and offer you a small token of our appreciation for joining us in worship. They also double as a bearable surface to write down notes from the sermon or the names of people you met.

How can I connect to the missions the church is involved in?

Keep looking through our site. We have pictures, videos, and contacts for missions that we do here in the River City and beyond.



What about small groups?

We’ve got them! We believe small groups are the avenue for entry into a large church such as Beulah. Therefore, we have small groups for all ages that seek to live lives of faith outside Sunday morning. Contact Lead Pastor Don Gibson don@beulahumc.org for more information.



How do I join?

That’s great! We believe membership in a local church fully integrates us into the Body of Christ. We have classes available during the year for people first getting into faith, getting back into church, renewing their covenant made years past, and everything in between. Contact Lead Pastor Keith about more information don@beulahumc.org.